March 14, 2005

And let me make this as clear as possible..

If anyone can take podcasting mainstream, it is Evan with Odeo. Dead serious here, my friend. And that's not to say I think it'll be get the point. I saw a preview. It's something.


Adam Lasnik said...


I have resisted expressing this because I have a lot of respect for Ev and, well, because I don't want to sound like an idiot (of course, were I really shy, I'd have just e-mailed you, but I digress).

What is the big deal about podcasting? What is the allure? Can you recommend some podcasts I should listen to? Is it mostly for fun? Is it about 'serious journalism' at all?

Please clue me (and others) in. Thanks!

Chris DiBona said...

If you read my post, I said "if anyone can take it mainstream...." But, like you, I'm not sure that anyone can. The only podcast I want to listen to are the director's commentary ones from Battlestar Galactica. But past that, nothin.....