March 31, 2005

On Shark Jumpage

I was reading Kevin and John Battelle's response to Ben's article in the Guardian, and I have only one thing to say about it all:

If you think Google is washed out and has 'jumped the shark', I'm okay with you not using it.

Feel free to try out Yahoo, Ask Jeeves, MSN. I'm confident you'll be back sooner or later and I'm not hugely worried about it. I'm sure Yahoo/AJ/et al are terrific places, and have terrific people working for them, but I've never, ever, worked at a place like Google. It's amazing. Shocking. Desperately insanely great. That's why I don't worry. Google creates amazing things and thus I don't worry about losing Ben or Bens permanently to Yahoo.

One thing I agree with Ben about is that Flickr is a great site. Stuart and company did a terrific job building a terrific site. With regards to photography, only comes close, and they are -very- different sites.

March 29, 2005

Battlestar Galactica in Everyday Life

Doesn't this look like the thing they found in the control room: Wireless lan array. Baltar, save our bandwidth!

Holy Crow: Flickr Related Tag Browser

This is really something: Flickr Related Tag Browser. The blood tag is very very creepy on flickr.

March 28, 2005

Linux in an RJ45 Form Factor.

This is so freaking cool: Linux system squishes into Ethernet connector And check out the wireless one. I'm picturing any number of sneaky uses for this....a person would never know if this one was sitting under their rack, after all. But very neat.

March 24, 2005

Joe Beda on Google 20% Time

Joe has a great essay on what 20% time is and why it works. Very much worth reading: Joe Beda's

I am often confronted by non-googler misconceptions about the nature of 20% time, from now on I'm just going to point them at this essay. #4 especially is worth reading. 20% time is really not all that optional :-)

One thing Joe mentions in #5 that I'd like to stress is that, at least for the Googlers I've interacted with, there isn't a lot of 'stop energy' at google. My colleagues in engineering, marketing, etc, don't react to new ideas with "You can't do that" , but usually with "cool" and a tip as to who to talk to in the organization who is likely to be of the most help. I don't present this as a "this is why other companies aren't going to 'get' 20% time, but so that other companies can do this well.

March 21, 2005

Andrea on the road...

I sit near the blogger team, and one of them decided now was a fine time to bike from Los Gatos to Santa Barbara. See: Cycling the Holy Road.

I wonder, will she take a train back? Good luck Andrea....look out for wacko sports car drivers on Highway 1!

Because we are the kwisatch haderach...

One step closer to the landsraad. Nasa's got some Stillsuits. Remember, breathe out through the nose. Obviously I'm kidding...they're the size of tractor trailers, but neat stuff.

Thanks NPR.

Work up to this story about Google's Continued Expansion, Success, in which Steve Inskeep talked with David Pouge, who said some very nice things about us. Thanks David! It was a nice way to wake up.

Here's a funny thing, I was having the worst dream about my laptop having been stolen and all of my computers on the internet being compromised. It was terrible. And I had to reload machines less than 24 hours before leaving town and giving a presentation. Google tech stop folks just handed me a new laptop, which was cool.

I wonder what the caveman equivalent might have been: "Ogg need wood for fire tomorrow......Wood stolen......where will I get wood , its dark now....wood hard to get.....will fire go out?"

March 18, 2005

Open Sources on Google Print

Google Print Search: Open source, Open Sources on Google Print. Neat! Thanks for reminding me to look, Biz, you are some kind of genius my friend..

You greasy monkey you...

My colleague Aaron posted something about his amazing tool greasemonkey on his weblog:

Bullet Lab...

I'm getting a kick out of drkelfs pictures from MITs strobe lab.

Code.Google.Com Launches...

Well, that was something. In case you were wondering why I've been posting less lately, it's because I was working to get launched.

March 16, 2005

San Diego calling....D.C. on Hold.

I wish I flew out this morning. Some good talks happening. Oh well, should be down there soonish. Also, flying to DC next week for PyCon, which I'm very much looking forward to.

March 15, 2005

Hee Hee

This is pretty funny: GoogleX I love labs.

Make that Thursday for Etech.

Man, my week is something. I'll see people Thursday in San Diego, so don't look for me before then. Sorry!

Finally...the perfect earpiece.

The perfect earpiece from the perfect manufacturer


March 14, 2005

And let me make this as clear as possible..

If anyone can take podcasting mainstream, it is Evan with Odeo. Dead serious here, my friend. And that's not to say I think it'll be get the point. I saw a preview. It's something.

Find me at Etech?

I won't be flying in until late tomorrow, sadly, but I'll be at the show all day Wednesday and Thursday. I'll likely be at the following sessions:

I'll also be there for the entire pre < 10:30 thursday stuff. It's all good. When not in a talk, I'll be in the speaker lounge or other place to sit. You know how to find me...

* means I'll definately be there.

March 12, 2005

Murder Attempt? No problem......Trade Secrets? Problem...

the thing about this is that with this ruling we are explicitly saying that it is okay to out a cia agent but not okay to screw up a marketing deadline. I can see it now...

Man, I suck with the photoshop, don't I?

March 9, 2005

Google News, now fabulously user customizable.

I'm tempted to screencast this (but I'm lazy and its obvious): customizable google news. Note you can add custom searchs as sections. I've added 'google' and 'open source' of course, then ditched sports and a few others. Handy!

Amazing: Colorization Using Optimization

Colorization Using Optimization from Nelson.

March 7, 2005

Schwartzian Headphone Madness

So I was reading this post from the Jonathan Schwartz's weblog and can I just say this.... Jonathan Schwartz, are you insane?. If you want your programmers to be productive, let them wear headphones to avoid interruptions, not bring the interruptions closer to them. What the hell is going on? Does anyone code anymore? No I don't think that coding is always a solitary activity, and I've seen XP being used as a very effective development methodology, but that doesn't mean that programmers want to be interrupted whenever in some fabulous VR MMORPG of developer chatter.

I feel like an old man telling young whippersnappers to get off my lawn sometimes. But come on...I can't be the only one who read this book, or at least read an article about it. I can't be the only one who finds themself at their most productive when I shut the world out with headphone and sign out of the instant messangers. Focus, I say. I'm at my worst when I give into those distractions.

My Canon S50 in a Pneumatic Tube

Boy, am I going to regret posting this movie of my digital camera in a pneumatic tube: Right click to download that, thanks much :-) Not as good as I'm still seeing Breen, which Half Life 2 fans should download, but funny!

Joe, meet Hasselblad, Blad, meet Joe.

While I appreciate the love Joe Beda expresses for a Leica...I gotta introduce my readers (and maybe Joe, have no clue if he reads this) to the classic Blad. The 503 cw changed color and seeing for me. The images when shot right are just shy of holograms. I didn't really retire the camera when my daughter was born, so much as I put it into hibernation while I defaulted to my digital cameras so I could catch her spontanaity, but the pictures. I really need to start hauling that thing around some more.

And what a, light meter, two lenses, lens shade, filters, film, film backs, flash. I got to the point where I could shoot handheld with the blad. But it killed my wrists, but the shots.....the colors. The blacks. It was worth it, somtimes. Amazing stuff. But I'd rather carry a camera I'll take great pictures with, not just one that takes perfect pictures but not as often.

And talk about viewfinder size! 6 cm x 6 cm. The image as it falls on the film. Amazing stuff.

March 5, 2005

March 4, 2005

My goodness, a podcast I actually want to download!

Via JWZ :Battlestar Galactica. Love that show.

On the NPRization of Kottke and the Paragraphization of the Internet.

I was reading this post on, and I have to admit I was somewhat skeptical of his ability to make a long term living blogging. Maybe I still am. Some of my collegues (shellen, stone, you know who you are) have been reading him since , well, forever it seems. I have to say that his volume of posting isn't enough to make me want to become a patron (micro or not) but what he does write seems pretty decent.

When I was writing more often than I am now ('professional' writing.) I noticed that my posts would grow longer and longer, with short pieces stabilizing around 1200 words and longer ones around 2300 or so. I would do the odd 700 word article for print, but when I applied these lengths to blogs, they were not read in the same fashion as they were when they were in print or on a site like newsforge, and it became rapidly clear that blog readers are afficionados of the paragraph or sometimes the sentence and not the inverted pyramid or the narrative flow. And so, I'll wrap this post up with this, properly sized comment:

Gah, I'm babbling. Back to your regularly scheduled internet...

March 3, 2005

My Next Camera.....

I covet the S400 version of this camera. I first ran into it at Keeble and Schchat in Palo Alto and I really liked the size and helt. O'Reilly has a good article about the family. I had picked up an S50 (in fashionable black), but it just is a bit too big. Takes great photos though, and when I bought it I got a terrific price for it.

update: Well, maybe the S500 or S300 is a better choice, the S400 is getting panned online for junky images and ccd bleed. I have to be disciplined and not buy a camera that doesn't match my size and weight requriements first.

AutoLink on WaPo and Kottke.

Google AutoLink Pits Convenience, Ownership Issues ( and Kottke's thoughts on it. Like all things pitting users against publishers, this one is sticky as heck. Comments enabled (I shut them off of the old story as it was way too far below the fold) :-)

Also, please note, those for and against AutoLink, Google is listening to you and we will act at some point. Don't be so quick to judge us evil or not. I personally know that regardless, there will always be those who detest us for whatever reason, but I have confidence in Google to do the right thing by Users and Publishers, so if I sounded harsh in earlier posts, please excuse that as a view into my passion for Google and user rights, two things that are very important to me and close to my heart.

March 2, 2005

Russ Nelson Resigns from OSI Board

Hi Russ! o....Bye Russ! I like Russ and I'll tell you this, I admire a guy who knows when a job isn't the right fit and acts on that knowledge. Many would have just fumbled about for a year. Thanks Russ for being a stand up guy! Tiemann is a fine acting president for now and into the forseeable future, that's for sure.