February 21, 2005

You'd think Thompson would've gone out in a more fantastic sort of fashion.

I think that we should edit Mr. Hunter S. Thompson's obit a bit. Instead of "Shot himself to death" howzabout we go with one of the following:

  • Shot by secret service when he tried to infiltrate a CPAC rally.
  • Gunned down by South American gun lords for being 'overly agressive' during drug aquisition negotiations.
  • Killed in a shootout with Reno police when, upon hearing the awful Led Zepplin cover band music playing a casino, he went crazy, shooting the PA system. "He was frothing at the mouth", said one officer.
  • Killed by fall in Las Vegas: "He didn't pay attention to the instructions to put on his safety harness on the coaster.", says official of the stratosphere.
  • Killed by drowning, during Cruise to antiqua. "I've never seen anyone so determined to retrieve a pill bottle.", said lifeguard, "He hit me!"

Anyhow, feel free to comment with your own suggestions!

1 comment:

fusion94 said...

what ?? shooting yourself in the head while on the phone with your estranged wife while your son, his wife and your grandkid is in the next room isn't fantastic enough ? man i knew you were tough to please but come on. :P