February 7, 2005

SBC DSL ...a Submarined Tool For Data Monopoly..

Like many, I read my colleague Nelson Minar's weblog. And I have only one thing to say about his recent post...Nelson: beware! I recently moved and found out an interesting thing about SBC. One thing the FCC allows is if there was a previous installation of a DSL line into a property (like my new place) they don't have to actually remove the connection until something like 60 - 90 days after a new line has been routed to the place from covad or whomever.

So, this means, if you want to pull in DSL from the fantastic speakeasy or inexpensive dsl extreme, you have two choices. Wait for SBC to remove the DSL 'order' from the previous tenant (you in this case Nelson, should you cancel) or you can order a naked dsl line on one of your others pairs leading into your house.

That said, SBC DSL is pretty rank stuff, I prefer Speakeasy, so I deal with the pain in the ass factor that is inherent in DSL when I set up my home network. It's very annoying. To Speakeasy's credit, they've been very diligent around the matter, so by Thursday, my 'naked' line should be in place and the bits should be flowing.

But SBC is bad for doing this kind of anti-competitive stuff, that's for sure. If I call and complain to SBC I get the worst kind of run around: Oh, DSL? Let me connect you to SBC DSL. Click. Hold please. Click. SBC DSL... oh you need to remove an order, yes, we don't do that. I'll connect you to the SBC Blah-de-blah. Click. Oh, DSL? Or, in basic:

10 print "route call to other office."
20 goto 10.

Sigh. I hope it comes off on Thursday, my last appointment, the covad tech got sick and couldn't do it. In the meantime, it's Tmobile from the starbucks nearby. It actually works pretty well for casual surfing though.

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