February 9, 2005

Remember when memory wasn't so damn cheap?

This post boggles the mind "Miguel de Icaza: Gnome memory use in various languages". I remember when we were all talking about Enlightenment (screenshots) and how consumptive it was of system resources. That these new applications running on their various interpretive layers/bytecode clrs are all more consumtive than E ever was is just funny to me.

When I was a pup, as a thought experiment I tried to create the smallest application that would do something interesting under dos, It was a 4 or 6 byte program (I don't remember) that cleared the screen and returned control to dos. I entered it directly into the file as machine language (think: cat > file.exe) using the alt-numbers entry method. That was a long time ago. It worked though. And it was -fast- :-)


Asgeir S. Nilsen said...

Compare that to /usr/bin/clear on Fedora Core 3. It's 5,204 bytes long in itself, and requires a total of 2,513,121 in libraries..

Greg Stein said...

Here is a modern-day story of
the smallest binary possible.

Stewart Annis said...

"Here is a modern-day story of
the smallest binary possible. "

Wow, after reading this article it makes me want to forsake all other IDE's/code bases for ASM .. then I realize I don't know squat about ASM so I stick with what I know for now and learn it as I go.