February 15, 2005

JMS, take my advice, let it die.

Reading one of my favorite news sources, Sci Fi Wire where we find that Babylon 5 creator J. Michael Straczyinski is outed for wanting to revive Star Trek from its moribund situations. I have only one thing to say... Babylon Season 5(which showed us what happens when you are given enough rope to hang yourself with) . Leave it be, Straczyinski, Leave it be. You're great when a strong hand is editing you and you are under time pressure, but paramount has proven itself unable to control the flourishing collection of tired cliches that Star Trek has become.

Let it die, let Star Trek go to the great Holodeck in the sky, let it realign its emitter array, may I suggest that it even be allowed to go to the great Sherlock Holmes/Borg crossover episode in the sky. Let it die.


Michael Bresnahan said...

I could never get into the newer Star Trek shows or even Babylon 5, I'm just happy they are keeping Battlestar Galatica on
I agree let it die

Yaniverse said...

I don't quite agree. The new StarTrek is not the same, heck, it was never the same after Captain Kirk - but it's a nice enough show