February 7, 2005

First Elmo, now this?

Remember in New York when they had 'celebrities' tell you to buckle up in a cab? Well, looks like not that they've strapped you down, they want to you to consume while you do it. From Gizmodo: Taxis Everywhere to Sell You Interactive Crap. I'm picturing the violence that will be done to these things. If it meant a free cab ride, well then maybe that might be okay..but it seems for the privledge of sitting and paying for a ride, you must watch ads. Yay consumerism! Civilization ho! This is worse than cola ads before movies.

1 comment:

michael said...

Fookin' hell.

I'm one of those people who boo loudly during those soda and car commericals shown prior to movies. I paid already, leave me the hell alone!

Best part about it is the nervous laughter trickling forth from somewhere down front - then suddenly stopping.