February 28, 2005

A feature of Tivo That Saved Season 5 of Babylon 5

So season 5 of Babylon 5 was -extremely- preachy, I hated it, especially when compared to how tight season 4 was. All this recent talk about AutoLink reminded me of one of the things I do with Tivo to make TV more palatable.

When my daughter was very small and I wanted to watch TV, I would sometimes watch with the sound off and the close captions on as she slept against my shoulder. But sometimes the 30 second skip was too granular and I wanted to really just watch it faster. I can read much faster than I can hear, and it turns out that with my combination of TV and Tivo, when I goes fast forward I can see close captions at double speed.

This saved Babylon 5 because I would have had to stopped watching if I had to either read or hear all those speeches in the 5th season in real time. So, Tivo owners, have fun with this feature!

I, the user, modified the content in such a way that was more convienient to me and less convienient and maybe even artistically insulting to the creator. I'll leave further analogizing to the experts.

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