February 25, 2005

Coolest Laptop Accessory Ever.

So 3m makes a product which they have dubbed, plainly enough, as the 3m privacy filter. If you follow the link you can see what it does. It is basically some exceptionally small louvres that keep people who are sitting as near as an airplane seat from seeing what you are working on the plane. I can't tell enough how handy this is.

It does attenuate the light a little bit, but it's easy to remove when you are not in a public situation. Just slide it out and you're back to normal. Dirk Hohndel at Intel has one and I've always felt covetous of it, so I ordered one when I got back from Linuxworld in Boston. It took 24 whole hours for Google to have one magically teleported to my desk. So very efficient.

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Michael Bresnahan said...

Oh great now when I'm on a flight I have to work instead of watching a movie, I've always used the excuse that I couldn't work on a flight becasue the guy sitting next to me might want my company info, Damn you 3m!!!!