January 11, 2005

The Register is Pretty Funny..

So I admit that I really like Andrew Orlowski, I read much of what he writes and I think he's pretty funny. Sometimes that humor is unintentional.

To wit: In this article "An open source Google - without the ads" Andrew talks with Daniel Brandt, who has written an open source program to scrape google. First off, this program is -not- open source, it is in the 'public domain for nonprofit use.', but that's not a huge deal, but Andrew knows better.

The funny part of the article is the statement near the end "stripping out their wretched advertising", which is quoted on a page with no less than 3 banner ads and 5 text ads, not to mention 4 job come-ons, 7 book links and 7 gadget sales come-ons. On your average google page you'll see, what 5 text ads clearly delinated and on many queries, none at all.

I've been on the internet for sometime and I think that one day I'll roll my eyes and they'll get stuck there. The only thing I really object to in this article is the use of the term open source, it is not open source at all.

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