January 19, 2005

I'll NoFollow you into a tagged world.

The internet is all abuzz about rel="nofollow" and something I haven't seen yet is people calling it what it is...a ranking specific tag. Not unlike the tags people are used to with flickr, except this one says, 'Just because I link to it, doesn't mean I endorse it.'

This will help with the pagerank spam problem on blogs, but, sadly, comment spam will absolutely continue. It's a prediction that I'd love to see be false, but, it won't be. To truly end comment spam we must do the following three things.

  • Do away with anonymity online.
  • Develop a central identity and reputation management system.
  • Remove all the comment spammers.

Oh, wait...well, we can work on #2 , I guess, I'd be happy to key off of Slashdot's karma system. While #3 is too grisly for me to take part in, I don't think that any of us should be the jury of the person executing on bullet point #3, if you catch my drift. Finally, I'd miss anonymity, even though I only allow logged in users of blogger to post, anonymity is pretty important on the internet.

Our future has spam in it. Comment spam. Link spam. Pagrerank spam. Spam. Sigh.

1 comment:

VesperDEM said...

Don't forget the dreaded 'referral spam'. That's almost as bad as comment spam. At least if a blogger posts a referral page, they can put the nofollow tag in the links there too.