January 2, 2005

Half Life 2.....Holy Crow is this a Good Game.

I swear playing this games makes me want to tag the half life symbol on my house or something, so other resistance members can reload and charge up. I've been playing this game a bunch since I received it for Christmas from Christine. Holy Crap. It's so good.

I haven't been playing many games since Frannie was born, but this one is worth making time for. So good, and it plays really well on the laptop that google issued me (A t41p ). The built in video is very strong, directx 9 class GPU, so I'm able to play at 800x600. Of course 1400 x 1050 would be better, but I'm not complaining. It's a remarkable game. Go buy it if you haven't already. Although, that said, I'd buy it via Steam and get all the goodies.


jra@samba.org said...

Don't link to Amazon please....

Remember !




Emily said...

Shouldn't you be playing Wow?!?

Happy New Year!--Emily
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Jim said...

Your right it is a remarkable game. I used to play the original half life, but this game is much better. After reading this I bought it via Steam and got all the goodies. Thanks Jim Rockingham