December 26, 2004

Time Travel

Time is funny when you fly. We were on our way from Tampa to Tallahassee on our way to Sacramento (don't ask) and the pilot or attendant got on the PA as we sat on the tarmac: "We may be delayed up to 30 minutes ,feel free to use your cell phones or other electronic blah blah blah." some 20 minutes later (I checked) we took off. After landing in Tallahassee, I sat sown while my wife took our daughter on a walk through the airport while we waiting for our next connection, thought I'd log in, check mail/etc... (all hail pdanet) and I heard a person say, into his cell phone "Yeah, we sat on the runway for almost an hour, stupid *&^% airline.". Now, I've traveled a lot, I know the airlines deserve the reputation they have, but it is always interesting to me when peoples time sense is skewed by anger and not by pretty lights or something. Anyway, just a random thought as I sit waiting for our next connection.

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