December 8, 2004

Lenovo, please don't unfabulize the ThinkPads.

Regarding Lenovo acquiring IBM's PC business, I gotta say, I love my ThinkPad (I even have the proper capitalization!). I've had ThinkPads reaching back beyond my 701cs and I'm been very happy with them. Yes, I had a brief dalliance with a Sony Vaio, but that came to a bad end. I really liked all my ThinkPads. I'm writing this on my T41p and the keyboard, video and generally quality are very very high.

At home, I have a Compaq keyboard, my dad has an hp, and I've got ample experiences with the chembooks/sagers and dells of the world. The ThinkPad series has always rated much higher than any of these brands over the last decade. And don't even talk with me about Toshiba. I stopped caring about Toshiba after some time spent with a T1000se (although I loved the gas plasma one I had, even if it was 10 lbs and slow as was plasma though, fabulously red plasma. Tres' cool.

So, in short: I like ThinkPads, so I ask this of Lenovo: Please don't suck. Thanks.

Chris DiBona
Posted From: San Jose


zeruch said...

I still have your 701cs. It still runs (granted, it runs RedHat 5.0 and only while plugged in because the battery I had is kaput). I always loved that butterfly kb.

I'm still using my beat up T20.

I am actually surprised the DoD is letting that much IP cross over into the hands of the PRC.

Chris DiBona said...

Yeah, remember quanta, lenovo and all the rest are already producing all the laptops that are sold to the US market anyway. An interesting angle of analysis might be whether this will run afoul of taiwan/china problems. Some of IBMs LCD and parts construction happens in Taiwan and I think a good hunk of Lenovo happens on the mainland.

I'm glad its still working well for you :-)