December 28, 2004

Does anyone still need Gmail invites?

Just curious, I have a few, but giving them away is not really what this is about, I thought that everyone who really really wanted an account had found one? Am I wrong and simply wrapped up in my own world? I sometimes wonder if the user base of Gmail vs. the number of active accounts is better or worse than a service like Hotmail or mailblocks (now owned by AOL, natch). I wonder how many gmail accounts are lookie loos, gmail drive users, etc...

Yes, sure, I could go and find out, but that would mean driving to work and stuff.

This random post brought to you by the letter C and my left speaker's tweeter, whom I call 'Tom'. Maybe I shouldn't post this early in the morning.

Oh, also, Catwoman played on the plane from Atlanta to Sacramento, and all I gotta say is this after suffering through the first 45 minutes on it before disconnecting the headphones desperate for non-suckage: "What? Who greenlighted this stuff? Do they really think the movie going public is that stupid." Then I notice that the movie made 40m which I think maybe covers the catering costs for the film, but for me is a lot of scheckels. It makes me think that all the advertising blitzes in the world can't save a bad movie from sucking, either. It isn't even a laughably bad movie, it goes stright past bad to embarassing, lame, pitiful and then pathetic. Who knows, maybe it became a really good movie after I stopped watching it, maybe, just maybe, there is a universe where Catwoman is really good, and maybe, just maybe, I'm a chinese jet pilot.

It does make me think I should write screenplays, as the quality bar is a bit, shall we say, low. I know that I can do equally as bad. (note I didn't say better or worse, as that likely doesn't matter).

Happy Holidays!



oh, yes; Join the independent film movement.

Matt Hartley said...

I still get the 'ol Gmail gimme bit from time to time. However, it has slowed down a lot lately though.

CyberCorsair said...

I love my gmail accounts my wife dose too she been giving them away I just got more my self and will give some away too but my wife did note that on Craig'slist they are not letting people post free gmail account giveaways. She has had 2 or 3 post removed and no one seems to know why she can't give them away when other are barter them or trying get $$ for them.
I have 3 account all work great but one i never gave out but is gettting hit wit over 200 to 400 spames a day i mean my spam and trash box get so full i can't get into them..but its a free "beta" account so it how it works for now..

anyone remeber Spap! mail that Cnet.come started it chaned like a dosen time and finaly got ate up by and becoming they are som may free email sites out there is seem sily a gmail account has such a big draw but a gig os space is really cool(and yes that one account has used it up in one day)

Have great New Year's Eve Chris


david bennett said...

I wonder if google has fully explored the potential of gmail. The idea came to me from here.

From the idea of using mail as offsite backup I realized it should offer an associative method of storing things like photos, music and all kinds of files. Windows doesn't offer a method of searching or organization that the masses feel comfortable.

From there it was obvious that server based info was great for access from cellphones and all sorts of other devices. gmail could become the central site for data.

Perhaps start chargung more for vast volumes and add applications. Things like massive parallel processing for photo work, the standard tools built into a system most people understand and making it possible to do serious work off cellphones and other "thin clients."

And as this develops create public mailboxes to create combinations of blog, wiki, discussion group etc.

It seems to me that google has a potential niche here.

David Bennett