December 2, 2004

Breaking and Entering...or...a Story from My Youth

When I was living in Salt Lake City as a youth, there was a golf course not far from my house, and in the winter it was covered a few feet deep with snow, so we'd often walk through there, have fun, etc.

There was a Tennis complex there covered in a massive, inflated dome. One of those things where you'd go through a revolving door so as to not let all the air out. I thought this was cool. Sadly, mother nature, in a fit of pique, decided that inflatable tennis domes were verboten one winter.

Late one night, the winds powered by the rush of air coming out of Emigration Canyon got so fast and powerful that they caused the collapse of the dome. This was some 15 years ago, so the picture you see here, from keyhole (click for the kml file), shows the tennis courts sans dome.

While a shame for the dome owners. It was pretty cool for us kids. I remember we went in though a damaged portion of the wall and it was like walking through the infrastructure for a giant white muffin. With the collapsed fields cloth flowing over and across the damaged support members like waves of icing.

We eventually made it all the way to the our eventual goal, the coke machine, where we considered if it could give up some cokes, but alas, it was not to be. We had hoped for some dystopian coke machine, dead, with coke cans lying after being ejected by the force of the dome coming down. The machines won that time.

Chris DiBona
Posted From: Mountain View, Ca

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