November 9, 2004

The Wreck.

Howdy, a bunch of people have asked what happened yesterday morning. First, go check out the flickr photostream tagged, appropriately, with crash roll and accord so you can see what happened visually.

The short story is that I was driving to Sacramento airport on Route 50 from my home in placerville. About 5 minutes on the way, near the placerville forni road exit, I was in the left lane really just getting up to speed. I was probably going 65. It was foggy out. I had just taken a swig of ice tea and was going to turn on the radio. I looked .... hey what's that in the road?... A deer. I didn't swerve to miss it, but I did try a kind of smooth lane change to miss it.

The deer was probably all of 100 feet away when I noticed it, and I didn't miss it. I hit it (thump, poor thing) and lost control. As I saw the embankment coming I mostly was happy my daughter and wife were not in the car and that I had really good life insurance. Then , seriously, I thought...hmm...I should do something about this ice tea in my mouth. I spit it out to the side as I started my roll. the apples I was taking to my sisters flew out the back window at some point, my wife points out this was a good thing, as being pelted by apples in a rolling car is funny, but possibly painful, thing to imagine. It would have been the ultimate n-body physics problem. The inside of my car would have been like a screensaver coated in applesauce.

This particular photo, on flickr (also above) is tagged up so you can see where I think the roll started, helped along by the embankment and fence. I think I hit the frontage road (fair lane drive) with the left side of the car, and so I landed shortly thereafter on my now wrecked wheelbase. I skidded/scratched/gouged to a stop on the shoulder on the frontage road, about 10 feet shy of a gully. A little more momentum and the ride would have gotten much worse. This squished the car and broke all the windows at what seemed like the exact same time.

As it was, I was conscious the whole ride, the roll and everything, it was -wild- and slightly crazy. I wasn't hurt, my neck was a little sore. I shut off the still running engine, undid my seatbelt and grabbed my flashlight as I exited the car.

My glasses were gone, never to be recovered. My phone was gone...the sherrif found it , intact about 15 feet from the car, slightly out of its case but in great shape. My laptop and other luggage were fine in the trunk (I'm typing this on my laptop and it is no worse for wear.) My google fleece which I got shortly after I was hired was clearly imbued with magical shield power, so I recommend buying one.

The fireman said I ought to take an ambulance into the hospital for xrays, so they strapped me to a board and neck head immobilization brace and took me into Marshall hospital. There, I met up with my wife and daughter and eventually I went home with a clean bill of health and a prescription for a muscle relaxant (which I haven't taken yet, just taken a bunch of advil every 6 hours).

I got progressively more sore over the course of the day, but I think the pain has stabilized. The only bruise I have is a strange, arrow shaped thing running around my arm which literally points at some parallel groove bruises, both of which I think came from the belt. Enjoy the extra pictures!

I was worried about my reflexes. Had I gotten slow? On the drive to my sisters tonight, I had definitive proof that I hadn't. I had to brake rather sudddenly when getting onto 680 from 205 when the people in front of me (who were all tailgating each other, all suddly breaked in a great cloud of rubber and dirt. All seemed okay, but it was kind of sudden. Since I don't tailgate, I had ample room, even in the ridiculously stupid Astek that I rented (I asked for a teeny economy car, they give me the ugliest car detroit ever produced.)

Oh, and I think the deer wife said the fireman told her they had to move the poor thing's remains off the highway.

Chris DiBona
Posted From: Mountain View
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Kona said...

What is worst about your accident:

Losing your glasses?
Totaling your Honda?
Bruised and confused?
Killing a little cute deer?
Renting an Aztec?

Chris DiBona said...