November 20, 2004

Party Fresh Chris

I'm sitting in a lounge at SeaTac and marveling, privately, at the conversation going on in the chairs opposite me. It is a young woman and what I'm assuming is her mother. They're discussing the OC. Apparently, "Teen People" magazine has a "what is your oc quotient" quiz within its august pages. Perhaps I'm being cynical, but as of late, I've decided that everything you do either makes you smarter or dumber, or, more rarely, neither.

Taking an OC quiz I think falls into the stupid category, unless of course you are testing for knowledge about the OC.

This is not to push any disapproval on the OC, I'm sure it's a fine show, but I can't be the only person who sees reading people magazines OC quiz as being positive for that thing crammed in that skull of mine. But wait, maybe, just maybe, I'm looking at this from the wrong direction. Maybe she doesn't read much and I should see this as being IQ positive, as words are flowing off the page and into the brain, burning pathways that can later be utilized in more lofty pursuits.

Then again, I've watched my share of bad movies, read my share of bad books and listened to my share of awful music. The question is, when I die, some day hopefully far in the future, can I say that I have a net positive? Ask me later.

The Google party was a lot of fun. A bunch of folks from Amazon, UW and Microsoft showed up to nosh and meet us. I got to meet some really interesting north-westerners, including Charles Simonyi, whose books were old standbys during my windows development days. Before my open source life, I coded my share of windows apps. I remember owning Microsoft C 6.0 & the windows SDK. Those were interesting days, to be sure. I remember after I left Tandem and went to work as a consultant, I gave away my Microsoft C, C++ and Windows books, thinking I didn't need to lug them around anymore. I didn't, but not because of my lack of a need for reference materials, but because the web had taken powerful hold over developer communications.

The party was a lot of fun, though.

Chris DiBona
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