November 21, 2004

Now you too can kill JFK! (Just what you always wanted?)

Yes, I understand that there are people who are still fascinated by the JFK assassination, but I have to admit, I find the JFK Reloaded simulation in poor taste.

In case you haven't visited the page yet, it is a game of sorts to see if you can replicate the events perpetrated by Lee Harvey Oswald to the same effect as occurred. The shooter who comes closest wins a prize valued , according the page, of 100,000 us dollars. I don't even know if this is for real, mind you, it seems like it would make a great prank to put this site up, you know the media is gonna go nuts.

This isn't unprecedented in video games, Grand Theft Auto 2 had a presidential assassination subplot in it back in the day that I reviewed for Boot magazine and I was I think as shocked at that. The House of Yes had the JFK assassination as a centerpiece as well. I suppose all tragedy becomes comedy and at some point after that a video game.

I'm willing to bet you that this game makes a ton of money. (via jwz)

Chris DiBona
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