November 30, 2004!

Title: Bruce Napoleon, Vampire Veterinarian
Total word count: 50242,
Completed: November 30th, 2004 11:12 pm (just 48 minutes shy of deadline!)

I'll post the novel in full on blogspot tomorrow sometime (only about half is up). Holy crap, what a ride! Some data to absorb:

Words: 50,242
Bytes: 276,871
Lines: 3678
Exclamation points: 33!

Thanks to my wonderful wife Christine, super-kid Frannie, My sister Denise, my cube neighbors and fellow nanowrimos Graham and Andrea (all of whom who had to listen to me ramble on about this and that) and the nanowrimo people! And Max the cat, my parents for being so great what with the giving birth to me thing, google for feeding me and keeping me warm as I wrote late into the night. And everyone who humored me though this, the coolest novel ever written about a rural vampire veterinarian.

Chris DiBona
Posted From: Mountain View, Ca

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Dominic_Cooper_2002 said...

wow! very good.