November 5, 2004

Idiots in the Air Force dedicate $7.5M to study psychic teleportation.

In this story: Yahoo! News - Air Force report calls for $7.5M to study psychic teleportation we see that both Air Force hiring standards and American educational standards have gone way, way, down. What a vast collection of idiots. What do you expect from people who are strafing elementary schools. Their defense, "What! It was the weekend!"

Maybe they should try teleporting the bullets into the school next time.

Chris DiBona
Posted From: Mountain View, Ca
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Michael Bresnahan said...

Home school in the bunker is sounding better every day for my two boys.

Frappy said...

Idiot blogger mistakes $25,000 expenditure for $7.5 million :)

From the story:

"The Air Force paid $25,000 for the report, part of a $20.5 million advanced rocket and missile design contract. The report calls for $7.5 million to conduct psychic teleportation experiments."

The fact than an idiot consultant calls for spending $7.5 million doesn't mean the idiot Air force will actually do it. Indeed (at least as far as this idiot reader understands it) the story goes on to imply that the Air Force has no intention of doing so.

Chris DiBona said...

K, you got me :-) If I can't fess up to a mistake on my own blog, what kind of guy am I?


jd said...

omg, I'm relieved that it was a mistake. I was getting nervous that the Air Force might come drag me away for experimentation. I've been nervous about the government coming after me ever since I mastered Psychic Teleportation.