November 15, 2004

I link to InsideGoogle again (and some mini-updates)

We're doing the right thing, without prompting. I really like where I work: InsideGoogle: Google Detects Phony Ad Clicks... And Refunds The Cash

In blog news, my colleauge Biz Stone has found the missing link, the homo hablis, of blogging. , Captain Kirk. Think about it:

Captains Log <-blog title
Stardate blah-de-blah <-date for later retrival and syndication.

You know that starfleet was aggregating.

Other than that, I've got my NaNo groove back, hit 13k words. I still have to write a -lot- per day to make the month goal of 50k, but I might just make it. Course, I wonder what I'm doing it for, but , heck, I'm having fun.

Chris DiBona
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