October 18, 2004

Well, that's a relief.

Was perusing the news and came across this gem: Microsoft Math: Dual core licensed as one chip and this reminded me that some companies are still charging by the CPU for things. Maybe this made sense when CPUs were 20mhz or something, but when the chips in a desktop are insanely powerful, or in the case of a dual core chip, doubly so, what is there to be gained from per-cpu licensing than ongoing diminishing returns?

What should Microsoft base its licensing on? Well, how about human beings. Depending on what shackles you've elected to take on with them (or many other software firms, its not just a Microsoft thing), many software companies actually expect you to purchase a different license if you want to run the software on a second machine, like, say, a laptop or a second computer in your house. I only have 1 pair of hands, and for that matter, 2 eyes, 1 nose (you get the point), why should I pay twice for something that I can only logically use at one time.

That said, that's the deal you agree to when you use their software, then so be it, but spare me the fairy tale of software companies which are trying to stand out of the way of "dual core innovation."

One thing I do welcome dual core machines for is video games. Well, sure, they're useful for databases, modeling etc, but a video game, that's where the action is at for dual core/smp. When the penetration gets far enough along, you could do so very cool things with a game that takes proper advantage.

Imagine entities whose AI threads never stop processing, or sounds processing being offloaded from the control cpu, or all the graphics and user input and other high priority controls on one cpu and the less important bits like wind, leaf, and other attractive but functionally eye candy on a second. Lots of cool things when you've expanded your cpu budget.

Also, how ridiculously fast can you get, I feel like a codger when I think back to the IBM PC my parents brought back to, and now my laptop has ram than I had disk space back then, lots more.

I was considering going to the feedster dinner tomorrow night, but the thing about working at Google is that you'll have an idea of what you want to do in a week and then a tech talk or speaker will be scheduled that you really want to see, or your co-workers will arrange an event that you simply don't want to miss.

Please don't read this as me bragging, but I'm very excited that tomorrow I'll be playing (along with 20 other googlers) chess against a grandmaster who has come to work for google. While I expect to be soundly beaten, I'm really looking forward to it. Then I'll be hopping up to San Francisco to have a drink with Scott and hopefully Scott.

Also, I had the good luck to go to see "Shaun of the dead" with a friend last night, it was hilarious, best British zombie comedy movie ever. If you have an eye for the genre, it's even funnier. For instance, you know how in horror movies they're always moving a bathroom mirror or something and the Zombie! Will! Come! Into! View! Well, lets just say that is one of the many cliches they makes outrageously funny.

A part of me wants ot ruin stuff for you, but go see it, you'll love it. Or you won't, in which case...that's okay too.

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