October 13, 2004

Thanks for the extra food, Harvey's...

I spent a lot of time in hotels over the last 7 years. I've estimated that I've flown some 300k miles and stayed a in a great number of hotels. Really nice hotels, some very overrated hotels, and some really nasty hotels.

For instance, the circus circus, the second hotel I ever stayed in for a business trip... got a good deal ($50/night) on a set of rooms for VA Software for Comdex, we'd have stayed somewhere nicer, but nothing was available, this was in 1998, back when people still went to Comdex. One my first day at VA, 2 weeks before Comdex, my then boss, Larry Augustin, said "Oh, we're going to Comdex" and for me to set it up. I pulled it off...carpet, power, booth assembly, machinery, shipping, drayage, mob bribes, etc.. but the hotel situation was kinda icky.

The circus circus 50$ rooms are somewhat, well, unfortunate. They have this yellowing border of paint around the top of the rooms, yellowing because of the three... make that four decades of smoke and Vegas fumes. These were the original rooms that made up circus circus, you go out through the parking lot, across the street, weaving between the winnebagos until you find your room, miles from the front desk, dragging your suitcases along the way. Suitcases and pamphlets....and a monitor. Lots of fun.

Once you get in the room, if you should turn on the TV, you'll notice a channel with a clown...many clowns...clowns in a cop show, clowns in a talk show format, clowns teaching people to play card games....yep.... "Hey kids! Here's how you play blackjack."

Comdex was kinda fun, though.

But this isn't about circus circus, it's about Harvey's on stateline. Harvey's wasn't awful. The rooms were nice, the casinos, like all casinos, smelled of cheap cigarettes and cheaper beer. Also, I gotta say, the Led Zepplin cover band playing over the PA drove home the "redneck riviera" touch. The cure cover band playing over the pa in the elevator was way more offensive. Beatles? You expect the beadles to be covered, but the Cure? Please. Spare me....

But, you ask, what's this about extra food? Extra food sounds good to me, sort of. Well, I'd normally be okay with food, but the reason this is -extra- food is that it came attached to "clean" plates at the buffet. It got to the point where I settled for food only being stuck on the bottom of the plate....As it was impossible to find one that was completely clean.

The funny part about this was, when I was at the buffet, I'd pick up plate, look at it, and put it into a new pile if it was dirty. I'd then pick up the next one, look at it, and put it on the dirty pile. After three of these filthy, disgusting, egg pre-attached, plates, the person behind the counter said "Sir, what are you doing?"

"Looking for a clean plate."

Funny how they don't say anything after that...funnier still is how, shortly after I left, they move the dirty plates onto the "clean" pile.

Nice view from the restaurant though.

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