October 26, 2004

Shiny Happy Funny Drowning Time!

I was at my friend Jeremy's house and he had this game "Sink the Titanic" where the point of the game is to stay above the waterline long enough to get on a life boat then make it to one of the nearby islands (or get rescued by the Carpathia)

Yes, really! I can't make this stuff up. In a way, this is wildly creative, in a sort of sick, lets make light of vast human tragedy kind of way.

These are the game pieces indicating things like water, food and lifeboats. The "adventure" cards say things like "Your food spoils, lose 1 food" or "It rains, receive 1 water" and "You escape being eaten by cannibals" or "You find some breadfruit".

Here you see the board, which has a titanic on it that rotates (sinks) into the background of the board, as it comes full circle the carpathia appears. The "A family game" logo on the box really drives home the sick nature of this. Ha Ha Kids! Try not to drown in the icy briny depths! Ha Ha!

I'm picturing a September 11th game where you roll the dice to see how far you can get down the stairs before the towers fall on you, or maybe you make it just far enough away to get hit on the noggin by a flying brick or something. But what would the adventure cards say? And, like in this game, if you roll a 1 or a six, that's the number of firefighters who pass you on the steps....collect the most firefighter corpses to win. Great family fun! I can picture the slogan for a Pearl Harbor game: "It can be December the 7th every day!"

Chris DiBona

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