October 7, 2004


I work at Google now, as part of that, I'm consolidating all of my previous online publishing onto Blogger. I've actually been meaning to switch to a real publishing system for a while. I even, like most programmers, written a cms which is now sitting gathering dust in my filespace, never to see the light of day. But until the fine folks at Blogger give me a solid importing tool, I'm just going to point at my old journals.

Old entries and writing can be found at the following urls:

My O'Reilly network blog (I do the polls there too)
My java.net blog
My homespun blog on my homepage
My Linux Journal articles
My OSDN/OSTG/Linux.com/Newsforge articles
My last book, Open Sources
My log of stories posted on Slashdot (I did the polls there, but no more)

I may post at these places again, but I'll always link to them from here. In a way, this will act as a synthetic feed for those posts.

Thanks, and feel free to subscribe to my feed. Part of my posts will include a footer containing where I'll be writing from and other trivia.

Chris DiBona

Location as of this writing: Google, Mountain View.
Posted via: The Blogger interface.

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Nico said...

Hi Chris,

congrats on the new job and on finally getting a "real" blog. :)

Greetings from Hamburg,