October 26, 2004

John Dvorak: "Podcasters are a bunchy of filthy pot smokin' hippies."

In a recent PC Magazine article "Podcasting: Not Ready for Prime Time", John Dvorak (not the creator of the keyboard, mind you) lets us know that Podcasting isn't perfect for everyone yet.

If that was all, then I think the world would have given the customary "meh" and moved on. But no. I'm hoping Dvorak was trying to be funny, but when he writes this:

One look at them, and you know they aren't your usual IT hacks. They look more like the participants in the High Times magazine roundtable debate on the benefits of hand pressed hempseed oil as a hair conditioner.

I mostly weep for his email box, and the future of PC Magazine. I mean, coming down on developers for hair style is so very strange. Does he expect ties? Perfect hair? I think that John has been hanging out with the khakis and blue shirt set a bit much.

Keep in mind, I'm not a podcast maniac, and I really can't bring myself to care about it that much, but this kind of writing stinks of "Boy, those guys sure have a lot of time on their hands!" and what John doesn't seem to realize is that his entire career has been based on people coming up with neat new things when they use that time and those hands.

I think the best way to describe this kind of writing is old. Close minded. Stupid. Weak. Lame. Boring. Adds nothing.....and for me to spend time commenting on it is....well, I guess the same. Does John have the ability to pull out of his dive? It is likely. Who hasn't written weak crap now and then, I know I have. For John to have devolved into calling these people who are passionate about this particular technology a bunch of pot-smoking hippies seems pretty dumb for someone who has been around as long as Dvorak has.

Chris DiBona
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Michael Meiser said...

You're a "Podcasting maniac" eh.

Please do let me know what your favorites are? Can you post them here or may I suggest you do a podcast blogroll?

I've just recently started listening to podcasts and I was immediately hooked. However like blogging it's takes time to sift through the vast array of content untill you come up with those gems you can't do without. Like friends these new forms of media are so very specific to the individual and like friends good blogs and podcasts are so very hard to find.

I must share that I knew I was hooked with my very first podcast. It was the engadget.com podcast and I haven't thouroghly enjoyed such technological gadget trash talkery since the last time I watched Tech TV. Of course that's only the most superficial of my interests, but I have yet to find to many more podcasts whom I can't do without.

Please do recommend.

P.S. One other podcast I definitely recommend: slashdotreview.com