October 21, 2004

I assure you that I am not insane.

If you look over to the right of this post, you'll note a cute little stamp looking graphic with the wordlet "NanoWriMo" on it. NaNoWriMo is short hand for "National Novel Writing Month." Which describes the use of the month of November to write an entire novel, 50,000 words or more, in 30 days.

This, when combined with Blogger, becomes NaNoBlogMo, in which you use the facilities provided by blogger as your platform to write said novel. The idea being that since you can blog from anywhere (via email, etc) on blogger, you can write your novel from anywhere. No excuses and one hell of a deadline.

The novel I'm writing, which you can read about on the books blog, might be entertaining, so go check that out and subscribe to that feed if that sounds interesting to you.

Why a novel? It certainly isn't for lack of things to do. Google keeps me very happily busy, as does my family, but I figure it would be fun and there are a few hours of sleep that I could easily skip with the goal of creating something fun. I really do like writing, and the last time I wrote fiction was for the dearly departed game rekonstruction and I miss the fiction thing.

Luckily my non-fiction jones is satisfied often enough for my use, what with the Linux.com, Linux Journal and other reportage style writing I've been spinning back up here on Ego Food.

Regarding "meet the feedsters": I sadly wasn't able to make it. As I mentioned in a previous entry google hired a grandmaster who threw a simultaneous match that same night, I didn't finish playing until around 8pm, so I decided to stay in the South Bay. I do hope to make it to the Technorati party next week though, so if you're in the bay area....

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