October 25, 2004

Blog us? Blog This? (and a NaNoWriMo update)

In my colleague Biz's blog entry today: Biz Stone, Genius: Blog Us he points out the very neat little "blog us" button at the bottom of a persons blog. While this only works for blogger, that's okay by me as I have a blogspot based blog.

So i got to thinking, what I really like is the "blog this" button on Google IE toolbar but I use Firefox. Maybe I could modify the link in the Blog us button to provide a similar functionality in Firefox. In fact, I didn't need to change a thing. Since it uses the "location.href" value than a hard coded value, I didn't even have to pull out a hardcoded url for the post. Tres cool!

Right click on the following link: Blog This Page and bookmark it directly (don't follow it unless you want to blog about this post) , then next time you're surfing around and want to comment on some page, you're a click away from firefoxy blogging goodness.

NaNoWriMo Update:

I have the first 850 words of the story written, I'm editing it, since it isn't November 1st yet, it doesn't count toward my word count, which is fine, but I want to whet some appetites out there. I'll be posting that tomorrow, so stay tuned on the Bruce Napoleon weblog for the first bit of the novel. I promise -nothing-. Go do a nanowrimo!

I have to admit to being a little intimidated by the whole thing, I mean, how the hell am I going to keep up with that much writing, especially considering my other duties (work, wife, kid, school, non-fiction writing, etc..). I expect to be fully exhausted by the end of this. Good thing I have some solid plane trips coming up and a laptop that takes a serious charge (7 hours in super power saving mode, and two extra batteries!), all hail "super power saver mode".

That said, I do wonder, what with my tendency to play mp3s while doing anything on the computer, how good is that for battery life? Probably not great, but I get a solid 6 hours regardless, and that's playing divx movies with both the bay and regular extended battery. This is a great laptop.

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