October 19, 2004

14 Minutes of Me Writing About Stupid People

By now, a number of you may have heard about Dipshit Artist Maria Alquilar. The stunningly idiotic Ms. Alquilar has given in to pressure to respell her mural.

Let me take a deep breath, and a step back. First of all, I am -not- a perfect speller. In fact, I am not a good speller at all. Functionally illiterate is how I often think of myself. To make a fine point of it, a histogram of the keys I pound on while posting would likely show excessive spiking at the backspace and arrow keys. I'm not saying I'm stupid, but I don't type well, I type too sloppy so that my real speed goes way down.

For instance, those last two paragraphs, when you take into account editing, took about 4 minutes of my fourteen to write. This paragraph added another 1 to that total.

But this isn't about me, it's about how I feel about something. Ms. Alquilar is not like me in that, when she chooses to create she hides her mistakes, or her ignorance, behind to rubric of "it's art, not science, so don't expect me to spell correctly." Now, if she was taking a wee bit of poetic license with the odd word here and there, I'd agree and we'd all have a beer.

That is not what was happening here. This artiste is defending the spelling of Einstein as "Eistein", Shakespeare as "Shakespere" and Van Gogh as "Van Gough". This and an additional 8 misspellings are what makes me cringe. Here's the kicker, she wanted $6,000 dollars to repair the error, saying that she was a "sacrificial goat" to the angry people who sent her email.

I bet the reporter spelled it for her.

The outcome of all the appropriate outrage is that she's fixing the mural free of charge.

Did I mention that this mural was in a library?

Oops! Gotta go...12 minutes into it....the last thing I want to say about this is that when artists rip off cities and patrons with bad art or express outrage when mistakes are pointed out, they make it harder for cities to give money to artists. Which is bad.

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